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It is on You to Own you

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"It Is On You To Own You"- (these seven words of wisdom) is a treatise of self-determination.

Delpha has "put to book" a refreshing and therapeutic representation of the experiences so common to many Jamaicans.

Her candidness shows a delicate balance between exposure of very sensitive family and personal matters on the one hand and the unvarnished truth on the other hand!

She gives insight into how one can reconcile with memories of the turbulent past. She aptly provides a basis for doing so on page 181- "Keeping the peace is not the answer. The answer is to live in truth".

Her originality of style is like the ebb and flow of the Caribbean Sea- taking me from pain and sympathetic tears to unbridled laughter, from local issues to national and international issues, from ignorance to practical knowledge, from manual labour to medical procedures and so much more.

Inspirational, authentic and unapologetically transparent yet 'down to earth' and very encouraging. Like the eagle, may her strength be renewed always. " My life is in the hands God gave me. I am living with God's guidance each day. I want to listen to his voice more as he directs my path" page 198 Nuff success.

Stay the course.

- Sister P