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The path to life was never handed out to some of us and even if it were, sometimes along the path we are faced with challenging obstacles that knock us down. Delpha failed to give up, so she stood up, fought, pushed forward until she could exit the life of poverty she was born into as the second to the youngest child of twenty-three children in the inner city of Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Get an insight on how she overcame and rose above her challenges of low self-esteem, poverty, and racism. She finds understanding about where she came from when a God-sent teacher came to help her learn to read at the age of twelve. Her passion for reading influenced her to attend a university toward the first step of her nursing career. Prepare to be inspired as Delpha Clarke shares her compassionate, emotional, and sometimes humorous journey from Jamaica to the United States of America.

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It Is on You to Own You. Delpha has been a Registered Nurse for almost two decades. It is her passion to teach and serve those whom she comes in contact with. Her passion for healthcare workers’ well-being takes on a holistic approach that fuels her to live, eat, and exercise, and she shares her knowledge on stage.

Her focus is not only on her pursuit of personal excellence, but she shows how as leaders in healthcare, these lifestyle habits can impact and improve patient care and development.

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Delpha shares her story on stage about growing up in Jamaica, fighting through several adversities, to where she is now a Registered Nurse working in America. She speaks about recruiting and retaining immigrant nurses to equip the healthcare industry with nurses who provide outstanding service to the healthcare system.

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